Kinectless in Seattle

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Microsoft removed many of the early features of the Xbox One due to feedback and preorder figures. We may never know if those features would have revolutionized the gaming industry as Microsoft claimed, but one thing they did leave in was the Kinect. After about six months, Microsoft has decided even that is unnecessary as well. Microsoft tends to say that it’s their consumers that never understood their message, but in this case it was simply lack of decent software support. Oh and I like to sit down.


Oh, and the NSA is probably spying on everyone.



Haunting Past

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Being a kid during the 16-bit rivalry between Nintendo and Sega was rough. You didn’t have money of your own, and most parents weren’t willing or couldn’t afford to buy multiple systems, so you could get one at most for Christmas if you begged and pleaded enough. The problem was that no matter what, the grass would look greener on the other side with all the marketing Nintendo and Sega threw at us. All of the important discussions my friends and I had about the Genesis and Super Nintendo are still pretty fresh in my head after all these years.