Family Traditions

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E3 always has some exciting new things, but there’s also the excitement of seeing an update to a game that you thought would never come out. Square Enix has this odd faith that Tetsuya Nomura can still produce a game, but we all know after he does some designs for 10 years, Square Enix will pass those games off to a director that actually does something and then it’s only a quick 3 year wait from there!


An adult Chirstmas

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Okay so, seriously, every year at some point I hear people complaining that something people do for that holidays is just too early to do. Screw it! For kids, 2 or 3 months can feel like forever. For an adult, time goes by like nothing and before you realize it, everything you were looking forward to during the holidays has passed. Savor it as much as you can!