Chrono Trigger? More like Chron-no thanks Trigger.

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Square Enix must not have that much faith in the Chrono franchise. People were genuinely excited about Chrono Trigger on Steam for all of about a half hour before people started realizing it was a practically unchanged port of the mobile version. Of course, this is going to drive sales down and who knows what Square Enix’s takeaway is going to be from it, but it probably won’t be “invest millions in a new entry.”


Square Logic

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During the 90s, Squaresoft and Enix, now Square Enix, basically ruled my life. Every release was more than a game, they were events. Now, every time I see a headline regarding Square Enix, I know there will be a reason to shake my head. I may be a fool, but I still have some amount of hope in them.


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