The Numbers Game

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Professional game reviewers have skewed the scores so high that you would think almost every game is a historical landmark. When there is a genre-redefining game, it gets a 9, which should be fine, but then it sits there with 5 other games that got a 9 that month like Soccer Paywall 20XX and Loot Box Royale Part 40, and we wonder why we get so few innovative games. I’m not really making any sort of a joke, game journalism is just really in a rut and holds power they will never use for good.


Rise of the Fallen Order

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It doesn’t matter what movie it is, people are going to text and talk. They will pay no attention to the movie, and then go home and review it online. Waiting to own a movie is usually my preferred way, but those same texting people will post all sorts of spoilers online making sure there is no way anyone can actually wait and be surprised if they haven’t seen it in the first 20 seconds it’s possible to see a movie.