Theoretical Remake

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We have no release date for the first episode, no idea how many episodes there will be, and no idea how long it will be between episodes, but gosh darn it, we will have toys by June! The Final Fantasy 7 remake has shown little to no progress since it’s official announcement almost two years ago. I hope my grandchildren enjoy it.



There’s no “of” in Cup Noodles

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Like most people, I’m used to product placement. Every now and then though, something pops up that says “no, THIS is product placement!.” I can believe something called Cup Noodles exists in the world of FF15, but how exactly do they explain American Express?


An adult Chirstmas

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Okay so, seriously, every year at some point I hear people complaining that something people do for that holidays is just too early to do. Screw it! For kids, 2 or 3 months can feel like forever. For an adult, time goes by like nothing and before you realize it, everything you were looking forward to during the holidays has passed. Savor it as much as you can!


A Big Boo Christmas

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Big Boos have it rough. Their job is to haunt a place and chase off anyone who comes near it, but he also has extreme anxiety disorder where he freezes and covers his eyes if he realizes someone sees him. Mario and Luigi have put this guy through heck and back, always comin’ around and giving him a stern looking at. Well, I thought it was time they showed him some Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas everyone!