Pokemon Let’s Go Crazy!

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Did anyone else go into the Pokemon press conference with all the rumors swirling expecting only to see Let’s Go Pikachu, and then when they started with Pokemon Quest feel like that was it? Like everything was a lie, all those rumors that seemed so real were fake!

I about turned off the news, and then boom Let’s Go! was real but it wasn’t actually a next gen pokemon game and I was worried again that this was the future, and THEN they confirm the real next gen is coming in 2019.

They sure got me good!


Theoretical Remake

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We have no release date for the first episode, no idea how many episodes there will be, and no idea how long it will be between episodes, but gosh darn it, we will have toys by June! The Final Fantasy 7 remake has shown little to no progress since it’s official announcement almost two years ago. I hope my grandchildren enjoy it.





Hello everyone! This is Josh, one of the creators of Double XP. I wanted to tell every one about a new Youtube channel we are starting up called Super Sleepy Gamer. It’s me, basically Trevor personality wise form Double XP, covering games and other things sleep deprived people might talk or care about. Please check out the videos and like and follow and do all that sort of good stuff if you like it.








Losing Creediblity

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128_dxp_mscSad but this seems to be the only concern Ubisoft has with Assassin’s Creed games these days. They lost me aft AC3 with how buggy and just downright boring it was compared to the earlier games. Watching the reviews and humorous glitches on the series entries following that game has been more entertaining than if I had kept playing them.


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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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124_dxp_msc_980There’s lots that could be say about FFXV so far, but lets talk about Cindy/Cidney.

After playing the demo, the original reports that she is the ‘Cid’ in this game may or may not be true, but if she is that’s progressively cool they made her a girl.. but….


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